Standby Me, 2013
LED projector, PC, nosignal.jpg

For an exhibition I will provide a digital projector. The image that the projector usually outputs when no device is connected is actually displayed as an image file. The image is produced by a computer that is actually connected.

I experienced this on multiple occasions over the last years: The technical equipment even in well-known exhibitions or more established institutions sometimes doesn’t work right or isn’t set up properly. In this work I assume that a potential visitor will be lured into thinking that there is a technical problem on first glance. Only those that look into the work and read the title or the specifications discover that there is an intentional element.

In theory the installation is comprehensible even if you don’t know the title. The input device (computer) will be obviously connected to the projector. Nothing will be hidden.

The specific devices in use in installation are dependent on the exhibition space, i. e. there are no specific requirements in terms of size, setup or appearance of the work.

The installation is meant for an exhibition in an institutional setting and is supposed to resemble the typical set-up for a video work in this particular institution to further increase the possibility for confusion.