Der kürzeste Weg zwischen zwei Punkten liegt auf einer Geraden, 2019
MDF, spirit level, toy car wheels

This work relies on an architectural anomaly: A 26m long line of sight, connecting both ends of the building. It runs through three doorways and crosses several rooms on its way across the exhibition. Whether or not this connection was planned by the architects of the building doesn’t matter anymore. The main focus is to play, a game that covers art production on a meta level.

Along the straight line runs a sort of channel from MDF, a racetrack for various vehicles that essentially are either tools or work equipment: A spirit level, a roll of tape, a paint tube.

Every one that enters the space first stumbles (either literally or metaphorically) upon the track, that they meet again several times on their way trough the exhibition. Somewhere on that way they will dicover one of the vehicles that they can drive on the track.